We meet the dogs and mushers at the outskirt of town where they will be ready to take us on an adventure. Each sled will carry 2 passengers and the musher.

The journey starts by a flat traverse north on the frozen wide expanse of the King Oskar’s fjord. With the dogs roaring to go and the flat terrain underfoot you will travel at great speed as the dogs stretches out fully at the joy of running. With the town quickly becoming a small dot in the distance behind us we now commence our journey into the mountainous terrain that characterises the Ammassilak island landscape. As we drive the dogs up valley on a frozen riverbed, the beautiful Mt. Polheim can be seen to our right while the horizon to the left is dominated by the peaks of the “Somand” and “Priest”.

Navigating the dogs through an increasingly occupied terrain, we will ascend a series of small but step and winding hills where the skills and strength of both dogs and musher really shine through,

After a few kilometres we reach Lake Qorlortoq, a large and very deep lake. Although with a ice cover of more than a meter we safely traverse this seemingly endless flat wide expanse of frozen wonderland.

Safely reaching the north shore of the lake, we reach yet another steep hill where the dogs yet again get to display their incredible strength.

After descending the hill on the north side, traversing another smaller lake we will arrive at our destination for the day, Kaffibaren. This is a small collection of three huts, along the traditional trek towards the ice fjord, which often serves as a rest stop for the local mushers and hunters on their way into the mountains and ice fjord. Despite the name, no coffee shop facilities are available here but we have brought with us hot chocolate, tea and coffee to enjoy.

During this relaxing refreshment stop you will also have the chance to stretch your legs, and the opportunity for photography. Not only of the majestic surroundings, but also of the local dog teams that frequently stops here for a welcome rest stop on their long journeys.

We will then turn the sleds around and return back towards Tasiilaq along the traditional track. where we can expect to meet several local dog teams in action, providing a great opportunity for photographing on the go.

We will arrive back in town in the afternoon.

– Rent of dog team and professional musher

– Hot drinks at refreshment stop

– Flights to and from Greenland (Service provided by Air Iceland from Reykjavik and Air Greenland from Copenhagen)

– Helicopter fight to and from Kulusuk airportl (Service provided by Air Greenland)

Dogsledding can be very cold as the speeds we travel at means a chill factor from the wind, on top of the outside temperature. Also you may sit still for long period of time on the sled, which can make you feel cold. Good and layered clothing, hats and gloves are essential. Also, a large scarf, balaclava and ski googles provides comfortable protection from the wind.
Trip length: 2 – 3 hours (10 km)
Minimum: 1 clients


PHONE: +299 584171

 in Tasiilaq

Open from june - oktober
from 10 - 12 am and 7 - 9 pm.