The name “The Hunter’s Trek”owes its name to the fact that this route follows the traditional Sermilik route which leads to the now abandoned hunter’s settlement of Ikkatteq.


We meet the dogs and mushers at the outskirt of town where they will be ready to take us on an adventure. Each sled with carry 2 passengers and the musher.

When both dog and men are ready we will set off over Kung Oscar’s fjord, leaving the town of Tasiilaq disappearing in the distance behind us. We will follow the traditional hunter’s track eastwards for several kilometres through a majestic valley with imposing jagged mountains towering high above us on both sides. At the bottom of the valley a large lake appears in front of us. It’s thick ice cover allows us safe passage as we traverse the huge flat white surface. Here you will experience the speed of the dogs as they can perform their maximum on the flat, even surface.

On the left hand side one of the islands most iconic mountains “The Priest” is looming impressively over us, enforcing the reality of the powerful landscape we are travelling through.

As we have safely arrived on the north eastern shores of the lake our real test begin, both for dog and man. In front of us we now have the “Rammedai” (Very steep hill), where you may have to dismount the sled and walk the hill, as the dogs and musher are working their very hardest to reach the plateu, at the top. Greenlandic sled dogs are incredibly strong and here you will witness first hand their strength as they ascend to the top, steam rising from their bodies into the crisp cold air surrounding us.

Once we reach the plateau, we mount the sleds again and now enjoy easier terrain once again as we travel along the flat high ground. From this point you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the iceberg filled Sermilik fjord ahed in clear weather. The Sermilik fjord is the second largest fjord in East Greenland and a majestic sight. Stretching out in the distance on the other side of the icefjord is the incredible expanse of the Inlandsis, the largest ice sheet in the northern hemisphere and second to Antarctica, covering 85% of Greenland’s surface.

This scenic viewpoint is the turning point of our journey as in front of us there is a step icefall blocking the route. The only way to continue beyond this obstacle is to separate dogs and sled and use all man power to safely navigate dogs and sleds through the steep icy labyrinth. Instead of doing this, we will chose to enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery stretch out for miles around us with a cup of hot chocolate.

After a relaxing refreshment and photographic stop, we turn the sleds around and begin our return journey towards Tasiilaq. With the dogs on their return journey and using he tracks already made on the outward journey, expect to travel at speed.

We arrive back in Tasiilaq in the afternoon.

– Rent of dog team and professional musher

– Hot drinks at refreshment stop

– Flights to and from Greenland (Service provided by Air Iceland from Reykjavik and Air Greenland from Copenhagen)

– Helicopter fight to and from Kulusuk airport (Service provided by Air Greenland)

Dogsledding can be very cold as the speeds we travel at means a chill factor from the wind, on top of the outside temperature. Also you may sit still for long period of time on the sled, which can make you feel cold. Good and layered clothing, hats and gloves are essential. Also, a large scarf, balaclava and ski googles provides comfortable protection from the wind.
Trip length: 4 – 5 hours (25 km)
Minimum: 1 clients


PHONE: +299 584171

 in Tasiilaq

Open from june - oktober
from 10 - 12 am and 7 - 9 pm.