We start in the morning from the harbour of Tasiilaq, at the southern side of Ammassalik island and sail north along the coast of the island through a breathtaking landscape. Huge icebergs will gently flow by us, as we travel up the Sermilik Ice fjord. After about two hours of saiing we will reach the small settlement of Tiniteqilaaq, which in Greenladic mens “The strait that runs dry at low tide”. The small settlement has a spectacular view of the icefjord with its colossal icebergs and the enormous Ice Sheet dominating the horizon. According to Greenlandic statistics, 113 people lives permanently in Tiniteqilaaq as of January 2015.

Upon arrival to the settlement the skipper will bring you ashore and you will have the time to stroll around the settlement on your own and fully take in the ambiance and scenery of the settlement, observing the local people going by their dailyday life, routines and work.

Once you are finished exploring the settlement, we will then board the boat and travel further north in the fjord where we will enjoy a packed lunch on the water, enjoying the majestic icebergs that surround us.

After lunch the skipper will start steering south for our return journey through the fjord. The boat will sail southwards the length of the fjord and then navigate the edges of the polar sea as we round the south of the Ammassalik island and through the King Oscar fjord to return to Tasiilaq.

We will arrive back in Tasiilaq, mid afternoon.

– Rental of boat and professional boats man

– Life wests

– Warm drinks and light lunch

– Flight to and from Greenland (Service provided by Air Iceland from Reykjavik and Air Greenland from Copenhagen)

– Helicopter transfer to and from Kulusuk airport (Service provided by Air Greenland)

Warm clothing and protection from the wind. In very cold conditions, we will provide down cover.

Trip length: 7 – 8 hours
No minimum clients


PHONE: +299 584171

 in Tasiilaq

Open from june - oktober
from 10 - 12 am and 7 - 9 pm.