We commence this trip in the morning from the harbour of Tasiilaq, located at the southern side of Ammassalik island. First we cross the King Oskar’s fjord and travel a short distance on the Polar sea before we enter the mighty Sermilik fjord, the second largest fjord in Greenland. The name Sermilik in Greenlandic translates to Icefjord, which will be quite obvious as we will navigate our boat in-between icebergs, which sheer size will make you feel very tiny compared to their mighty presence in front of you.

With the impressive size you see above the surface, these frozen giant’s true size hides beneath the surface, where 90% of the total size of an iceberg is found.

Having sailed for around an hour, we will reach the now abandoned settlement of Ikkatteq. Here we will stop the boat and you will have the opportunity to go ashore and explore the old church, school and other buildings. There is also a spectacular viewpoint from a small hill which you can climb.

When you have finished exploring the abandoned settlement we will again go to the boat and set sail north, deeper into the fjord. Here the skipper will turn the boat west, into the smaller Johan Pedersen fjord. Now you will be surrounded by a magical landscape, sculptural icebergs floating on the surface of the water and steep outlet glaciers deriving from the mighty ice sheet of Greenland.

We will sail to the calving glacier called Hann glacier. Going ashore at the side of the Hann glacier we will enjoy our lunch, overlooking the glacier front.

After lunch, there will be time to enjoy a short scenic hike in the nearby area before we set the course back towards Tasiilaq.

– Rental of boat and professional boats man

– Life wests

– Warm drinks and light lunch

– Flight to and from Greenland (Service provided by Air Iceland from Reykjavik and Air Greenland from Copenhagen)

– Helicopter transfer to and from Kulusuk airport (Service provided by Air Greenland)

Warm and layered clothing and protection from the wind. In very cold conditions, we will provide down cover

Trip length: 7 – 8 hours
No minimum clients


PHONE: +299 584171

 in Tasiilaq

Open from june - oktober
from 10 - 12 am and 7 - 9 pm.