We begin in the morning from the harbour of Tasiilaq, at the southern side of Ammassalik island. After a quick traverse of the King Oskar’s fjord we head north west towards the Ammassalik fjord. After about an hour’s of sailing we will turn into the narrow and steep fjord with its jagged and imposing mountain peaks towering above us.

At the site of Ikateq, we will make a stop to explore the remains of a World War II American base. It was here that the Americans ran an airfield from 1942-47. During war times this was referred to as “Bluie East Two” and was built to facilitate Trans-Atlantic air traffic navigation, search and rescue operations and as a weather forecast station. You can still see the airfield, the corroded oil drums, vehicles and ruins. The need for a clean-up of the old base has been a occasional political issue, but to this date no action as been taken.

We will then continue our journey further north-east until we arrive at the mighty Sermiligaaq fjord. The name translates to English as “the beautiful glacier fjord” and it lives up to it’s name. The landscape around us is now dominated by jagged mountains, narrow fjords and calving outlet glaciers with their fronts flowing into the fjord itself. At one point you will enjoy the view of two calving glaciers simultaneously, the Karale glacier on your left and the Knud Rasmussen glacier on your right side.

The skipper will navigate as close to the glacier front as it is safe to do and here we will go ashore to enjoy the packed lunch and hot drinks that we have brought with us.

After lunch, we will have the time to explore the immediate area by foot before we commence our return journey towards Tasiilaq in the afternoon.

– Rental of boat and professional boats man

– Life wests

– Warm drinks and light lunch

– Flight to and from Greenland (Service provided by Air Iceland from Reykjavik and Air Greenland from Copenhagen)

– Helicopter transfer to and from Kulusuk airport (Service provided by Air Greenland)

Warm and layered clothing and protection from the wind. In very cold conditions, we will provide down cover

Trip length: 7 – 8 hours
No minimum clients


PHONE: +299 584171

 in Tasiilaq

Open from june - oktober
from 10 - 12 am and 7 - 9 pm.