The name of Tasiilaq translates into english as “Like a Lake”. The town of 2,000 inhabitants is perched on the foothills of the local mountain, The Sjoman (The Sea Man), above the shores of the King Oscar’s fjord. It is this setting, from which the town has got its name, as the bottom of the fjord has a circular shape and could be mistaken for looking like a lake.

With it’s population of approximately 2,000 people Tasiilaq is the largest town in East Greenland and the seventh largest town in all Greenland. Around it lies the seven smaller settlements of Kulusuk, Sermiligaaq, Kuummiut, Tiniteqilaaq and Isortoq. Due to its isolated location the town houses all the necessary facilities such as a school, a hospital, a police staton, a supermarket, kindergardens and so on. It also has a big harbour at the shores of the King Oscar’s fjord, the gateway to the great North Atlantic sea.

The town itself does not have an airport and visitors to Tasiilaq will fly into the airport of Kulusuk, which is located 24 kilometres away. A helicopter service carries passengers from the airport to and from Tasiilaq, and in summer this transfer can also be made by boat. The airport connects internationally to Denmark and Iceland and to several domestic towns in Greenland.

Tasiilaq is situated on the southern part of the Ammassalik Island, which takes its name from the Inuit word “Ammassat”, translating to English as capelin. These small fish can be found in abundance in the fjord during summer and is frequently hunted by the local hunters to support their livelihood. The island is characterised by several jagged peaks, glaciers, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. There are vast green valleys and deep icefjords where the newly calved icebergs of the ice sheet drop into the sea; icebergs similar in size to hightower buildings.

Contrary to popular belief, Tasiilaq is not situated within the Arctic Circle, but rather 100 kilometres to the south of it. This means that the area is enjoying a pleasant climate with cold but not bonechilling winters and pleasant summer temperatures of up to 10C. Weather during the spring and summer months is usually also stable with low winds and clear skies.making it the perfect location for hiking in summer and skiing in spring.

For many reasons Ammassalik is the ideal starting point for you as a visitor. Here you can begin your adventure by hiking, kayaking, sailing, skiing or by dog sled. Many of these activities can be arranged and enjoyed either on your own or through a local tour operator such as Arctic Dream.

If you like the quietness of uninhabited areas in a magnificent, and unspoiled nature, then these kind of possibilities are plentiful right here on Ammasalik Island. We look forward to welcoming you!


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